TRACY ROCCA: New Paintings

Artists: Tracy Rocca

Exhibition Information:

October 29, 2013 - December 25, 2013

Rocca’s newest paintings revisit themes from her exhibition in New York, just prior to Hurricane Sandy. Rocca felt it important to reconnect with her paintings from that period.  With her newest work she continues to explore her environment through highly saturated color field paintings, engaging the viewer to interact with the work, deciphering the familiar yet unspecified landscape. Her finely painted works act as a passageway from reality into a meditative space through her trademark brush stroke. These are expertly painted vibrant works inviting the viewer to approach the paintings on a cerebral level and lead with pure imagination. Rocca was raised in the Northwest and one can easily catch glimpses of the misty Cascade environment in her work. In her signature soft focus paintings, landscapes are shrouded in haze yet contain bold colors reflective of the vibrant flora one finds as seasons change. Rocca’s goal is to “create a place where the mind can rest” and she accomplishes this with uplifting hues that meld to a soft white, allowing the viewer to have an introspective experience with each piece. Rocca begins first with a location then makes a conscious effort to slow down and reveal each setting through her blurred lens.  Using oil paint, walnut oil and mongoose brushes, each painting is softer than one would imagine possible having been created with a brush.

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