PETER WAITE: Space Travel

Artists: Peter Waite

Exhibition Information:

September 10, 2013 - October 24, 2013

Connecticut artist Peter Waite returns to Seattle with his most recent solo exhibition, Space Travel, a collection of paintings focused on international monuments and architectural icons. In this new body of work, Waite is looking at the means in which people travel within and through architectural space — on elevators, escalators, passageways, and doors. These building elements are not always taken as points of a structure’s overall aesthetic, but rather they are pragmatic and functional necessary components. They serve as a metaphor for the invitation to enter and “travel” through “space,” to arrive at another place. He describes this as “existential tourism.” Present in these new paintings are the artist’s signature “zips” or fluorescent lines, which suggest a builder’s snap line or laser beams. Additionally, the artist is now using neon for the under painting, creating the appearance of the edges burning towards the composition. This under-painting denotes a visual struggle within the work, between the historic ghostly empty buildings and a threatening synthetic presence.

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Exhibition Images