Three Chrysanthemums

Artist: Tiffanie Turner

  • Medium Mixed media, Sculpture, Work on paper
  • Size 46.5 in. x 45.5 in. x 24 in.
  • Price $16500

About Tiffanie Turner

Flowers have been used throughout history as currency, and as symbols of life and death in their transient nature. Tiffanie Turner likes to use these ideas as a jumping off point to couch certain themes and stories in the faces of metastasized and “ruined” gigantic flowers. Through her large botanical works in paper, she studies scale, texture (petals sometimes reading like feathers or fur) and color. She works with the rhythms and patterns found in nature, as well as metastasized forms and gestures formed by missteps and irregularities in nature like decay, rot, wilt, dormancy, death, and genetic and viral mutations. The accessible nature of these gigantic botanical sculptures to the viewer allow them to readily shine a light on a multitude of issues, and by adding destruction and decay to these beautiful pieces that could have just as easily been created to be round, symmetrical and perfect, she tries to impress upon the viewer the urgency of our environmental crises and social ethical struggles.


Tiffanie Turner is a licensed California architect and working artist, and the inventor of these particular large-scale works in paper. Over the past few years she has worked tirelessly to change the notion of paper flowers from decorative and consumer products into evocative and meaningful conceptual artwork.

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