Whirl Wind

Artist: Kandis Susol

  • Medium Paper encaustic on panel, Sculpture
  • Size 37 in. x 26 in. x 5 in.
  • Price $9500

About Kandis Susol

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"My work reflects movements or flows to evoke memories of Nature’s elements. As you walk by them they change and open new view points. Truly mesmerizing. Each sheet of paper is different and presents an opportunity to look deeper into it. Light and shadow inform the next sheet. Art is a moment in time to stop and reflect. In the chaos of our times my work is a minimalist expression of how nature and rhythm can help our senses to calm down and find our center again and again. Now is a moment in time that will never come again.

Wax, damar resin and cotton or kozo pulp is formed in a very unconventional way. They inform my senses of simplicity and purity. The paper invites me to look at my imperfections so that I may find a way to see we are all similar but unique, flawed but beautiful. Showing our bright side and our shadow side has meaning and necessity in our lives. Each sheet of paper is my offering for peace." - Kandis Susol

Susol has studied fiber arts, paper making and encaustics throughout her career. She has exhibited at the Bellevue Arts Museum and the San Juan Islands Museum of Art, as well as numerous exhibitions throughout the Northwest.

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