Untitled #5040

Artist: Hiro Yokose

  • Medium Painting
  • Size 48 in. x 72 in.
  • Price $30000

About Hiro Yokose

Hiro Yokose paints images of nature composed in a subtle, sensuous palette. Playing with the viewer’s perceptions, his work creates a visual experience of recognition and mystery. Yokose’s unusual technique involves layering oil paint and beeswax on the canvas surface, creating a dream-shrouded vista. There is the sense of the infinite to the luminous works. He often paints a low horizon line in his works, illuminating the rest of the canvas with Turneresque skies and natural scenes. In this way, his work hovers between a Zen-like minimalist abstraction and a traditional landscape.


Hiro Yokose was born in Nagasaki, Japan in 1951 and moved to Manhattan as a young man, where he lived and worked for the majority of his career, until returning to Japan. His works can be found in numerous collections including Microsoft, Boeing, Citibank, and San José Museum of Art.


Other Work by Hiro Yokose