Jennifer Zwick

Multi-disciplinary artist Jennifer Zwick builds and photographs intricate environments that quietly subvert the ordinary and play with our sense of perception. Inspired by color and optics, Zwick transforms everyday objects in surprising and humorous ways. In her ‘Flowers and Fabric’ series (on display at our Summer Dreams exhibition), she couples flowers with dynamic patterns, and using traditions of portrait photography imbues her subjects with personality. In ‘Exercise in Formal Composition,’ Zwick plays with triangular forms to disrupt our recognition of depth and place. She constructs elaborate sets that examine motherhood, children, and intimate spaces in her figurative works. Jennifer Zwick’s celebration of color, form and witty sensibility weave a connecting thread across mediums and her various bodies of work.


Jennifer Zwick is influenced by an interdisciplinary practice, bringing together installation, painting, and video to inform her photography. She has been widely exhibited in the Pacific Northwest, including the Henry Art Gallery, Seattle Art Museum Gallery, and Jacob Lawrence Gallery. She is the recipient of multiple grants and awards, including from 4Culture and Artist Trust, and her work as appeared in City Arts, The Stranger, and ‘Art Zone with Nancy Guppy.’ She lives and works in Seattle with her family.


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