Barry Johnson

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Barry Johnson is a Washington based interdisciplinary artist working in a wide range of mediums, including painting, photography, sculpture, and largescale murals. His oeuvre is marked by an exploration of the figure and how it can occupy space. His work is created to combat the overarching absence and erasure of Black figures throughout history. Johnson’s paintings expand on a history of Black portraiture, featuring vividly colorful renderings of his subjects caught in semi-candid stances, oftentimes surrounded by found objects and paintings, gesturing at notions of identity and belonging.

Barry Johnson has received awards including the Edwin T. Pratt Award, smART Ventures Award, and the GAP Award. He was also a finalist for the Betty Bowen Award, the Neddy and Conductive Garboil Grant. Johnson’s work has been shown and collected throughout the nation. He has also created multiple permanent artworks regionally, including an immersive mural for Facebook’s Bellevue Office, a bronze sculpture of advocate multi-dimensional artist Dr. James Washington, and a permanent fabrication for Midtown Square. Johnson has also held residencies at Amazon, Facebook, and the Seattle Hebrew Academy.

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