Annie Morris

Annie Morris creates sculptures are towers shaped from plaster; sand, and painted with raw pigment to resemble a three-dimensional artist’s palate. Inspired by her strength from personal struggles, Morris chooses to focus on the hopefulness and vibrancy of life. The seemingly weightless forms are a metaphor for pure joy and the ability to conquer the impossible. Each layer of her towers teeters over the other, threatening to fall, yet gently supporting each other’s balance.

In her Face painting series, Morris again demonstrates her mastery of fluidity and ability to encapsulate the sense of effortlessness in abstract form.  Morris builds her canvases by layering planes of figures, creating a greater whole, rather than a group of individuals. Each face is drawn and overdrawn, emerging from the gestural and fluid composition, creating a new layer and sense of connectedness with the viewer.


Since completing her degree from École des Beaux-Arts Paris in 2002, Annie Morris has received international acclaim for her immediate and considered approach to drawing, sculpture and painting. Morris’ monumental stack sculptures tower shaped balls of plaster and sand, resembling a three-dimensional artist’s palette. Morris has exhibited at The Royal Academy, London; Baku MoMA, Azerbaijan and The New Art Gallery, Walsall and Tate Gallery, St Ives.

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